Shane Ray’s Toe: That’s Messed up Man

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His name is Bobert Paulson. His name is Bobert Paulson. His name is Bobert Paulson.

Former Missouri defensive end Shane Ray is one of the top edge rushers in this year’s NFL draft, and considered to be an elite prospect.  Unfortunately, Ray suffered a toe injury in the Citrus Bowl, was not able to appear for certain drills at the combine, and has had a murky spring as we head towards the draft.  Reportedly some teams feel he will require surgery for his toe, while others believe all he needs is rest.  It threatens his status as a top pick.

The injury has been on the radar of every NFL team since it occurred.  It is not new information.  After all, as noted, he missed significant portions of the NFL combine.  It is not difficult to find articles from the last few months discussing the injury openly.

Yet this week the media acted as though the world was nearing an end when it was revealed that he would not require surgery.  Said’s Mike Huguenin: “A week away from the start of the NFL Draft, timing of the injury news couldn’t be worse for Ray.”

If you think this sort of pronouncement seems counter-intuitive, and that news that Ray would not require surgery should be welcome, you are not alone.  As notable commentator TheBaskett stated:

so back on this shane ray thing. they have known about this toe injury since the combine.. no one cared or didnt affect mocks. now today that he has seen a specialist and he said it doesnt need surgery and jut time to heal. all of a sudden he is falling in mock drafts.. that makes no sense

Hopefully for Ray, some needy team in the pass rushing department (like the Atlanta Falcons) agrees.