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We Talkin Bout Playoffs

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There are five weeks left in the regular season. It is time to talk about playoffs. *Cue Jim Mora rant* All four North teams have various shots. Here are the current standings

Bears 8-3

Vikings 6-4-1

Packers 4-6-1

Lions 4-7

Here are the schedules for each team.

Chicago Bears

At Giants, Rams, Packers, at 49ers, at Vikings

The Bears probably need two more wins to make the playoffs. They have 3 tough games with 2 of them are divisional games against Green Bay and at Minnesota. The Giants and 49ers are terrible but the games are on the road so stranger things have happened. The Bears have a great defense and Mitch Trubisky is making enough plays feasting on the 29 turnovers forced by the Bears defense. Chicago makes the playoffs but the North could be up for grabs in Week 17 in Minnesota.

Minnesota Vikings

At Patriots, at Seahawks, Dolphins, at Lions, Bears

Minnesota had a slow start defensively but have rebounded despite a loss in Chicago. They have some very tough road games in the next two weeks and the division could be on the line in Week 17 against the Bears. The Vikings probably need 3 wins to make the playoffs and maybe four to get to 10-5-1.

Green Bay Packers

Cardinals, Falcons, at Bears, at Jets, Lions

Green Bay must run the table to get to 9-6-1. They have a shot with weak opponents and 3 home games. The Bears game will be tough but the Packers already beat the Bears this season. Green Bay will need some help with 2 losses from Carolina (9-7), 2 losses from the Redskins (9-7), one loss for the Eagles (9-7), 2 losses for Seattle (9-7) and possibly 3 losses for the Vikings (8-7-1). Three North teams could actually make the playoffs if the Packers run the table though.

Detroit Lions

Rams, at Cardinals, at Bills, Vikings, at Packers

The Lions need to run the table as well and get a lot of help. Green Bay needs to lose one more game and the Vikings and/or Seattle need to lose 3 for 8-7-1 and 8-8, respectively. Carolina (6-5) would need to lose two games in five and the Redskins would need to lose 3 games in five for tiebreakers. Atlanta and Tampa Bay could lose one more game too. Eagles would need to lose 2 of five. Detroit has the tiebreaker over Carolina at least. Detroit would be 6-6 in conference running the table and 3-3 in the division. Division tiebreakers wouldn’t matter though due to the tie between Vikings and Packers. The Lions have a chance but with Marvin Jones on IR, TJ Lang on IR, Kerryon Johnson hurt and Tate traded it will be very tough. But I have faith. Lions run the table and win the Super Bowl. Book it.

In Summary

Bears need 2 wins, Vikings between 3-4 wins and the Lions/Packers need to run the table with help.