Week 8 Power Rankings

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Week 8 Power Rankings

No need to see tonight’s game. Week 8 revealed the contenders and the pretenders.

Seattle Seahawks – Pete Carroll has un-retired a wad of chewing gum from 2015.

  1. Philadelphia Eagles- Their early win against the Packers is looking better each week.
  2. Indianapolis Colts – It feels like destiny that President Pence will be welcoming them to the White House.
  3. New England Patriots – If Brady can’t score his age, I just don’t see this team making it out of the divisional round.
  4. Houston Texans – Deshaun Watson continues to make the case that he should have been selected above Patrick Mahomes.
  5. San Francisco 49ers – It’s an ugly 7-0, but for now, I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt.
  6. Los Angles Chargers – Fantastic road win against a solid Bears team
  7. New Orleans Saints – Sore thumb or no, Brees should be able to do more than squeak by Zane Gonzolaz’s Arizona Cardinals by 22.
  8. Chicago Bears – Tough loss to the Chargers, but Chicago has finally found it’s ground game.
  9. Minnesota Vikings – Very shaky performance against the woeful Redskins, but Kirk Cousins continues to make his case for GOAT.

Gutsy performances have moved Philadelphia, Houston, Los Angles Chargers and San Francisco into the top ten. Well done, all. But as some shall rise, so shall some fall

Oakland – After a fantastic win against over a gritty Bears team, the Raiders drop back to earth like a turd in a loss to the Texans.

Green Bay – They just don’t pass the smell test.

Baltimore – The bye week hurt them bad.

Kansas City – They lost to Green Bay, and, like I said, they just don’t pass the smell test.

As for the rest of the NFC South, they continue to suck hairy balls.